6 Pack Round Trip (12 One Way) Ticket Bundles


(Please read before purchasing a special offer bundle)
  • Tickets purchased in a 6 Pack Round Trip (12 One Way) Ticket bundle can be used to book travel on any valid travel date during the 2023/2024 Mount Washington Ski Bus season.
  • Each ticket in the bundle can be redeemed for a one-way trip. Redeem two tickets for a round-trip.
  • Tickets in the bundle can only be used for the pickup/drop off location chosen when purchasing the bundle and cannot be changed to a different location after purchase.
  • Tickets must be redeemed in order to receive a reservation and seat on the Ski Bus. Unredeemed Bundle tickets cannot be used to travel on the Mount Washington Ski Bus.
  • Tickets in the bundle can be used to redeem tickets for anyone you want, you do not need to use them all yourself.
  • This bundle is 100% non-refundable, and cannot be exchanged for any other travel, bundle, or offer.
  • Refunds will not be given if any tickets in the bundle remain unused when the 2023/2024 Mount Washington Ski Bus season has ended. Season is tentatively scheduled to end on April 2nd 2023, however this date may change based on the actual end date for Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

Available Bundles

Bundles sales for the 2023/2024 Ski Season are now finished. New bundle packs will be available in Autumn for the 2024/2025 ski season (we recommend checking the website at the beginning of November). For those who still have bundle tickets remaining for the current season, please make sure to use them before the final day of the ski season, as all unused tickets will become void after the final day of the ski season.

Redeem Bundle Tickets

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